Strategic Field Sales
We provide cost effective dedicated strategic field teams of any scale to drive Availability, Compliance, Visibility and therefore Sales. Working as an extension of your own team we understand your ever-changing business needs and flex our objectives to smash your targets, always with ROI in mind. 
Tactical Field Marketing
No campaign is ever too big or too small. Our nationwide team of trained Brand Ambassadors have quality relationships in store to ensure your tactical campaigns deliver the results you need, on time, every time. Late notice challenges are our speciality.  You’ll be delighted with our outstanding results that are industry leading.
We equip our teams with the best tools in the business giving you a real competitive edge. Our award-winning systems are written in house, by us, for us, giving our clients real time transparency of everything we ever do, presented in insightful customised secure client specific websites.
Data Insight & Analysis
We are well known for being the data insight experts of our industry. Our in-house solutions have been developed over 30 years using our experience and knowledge, along with a lot of data science. Enabling us to quickly identify your issues, opportunities and trends and provide you with forward thinking strategies, proven to drive sales.

A Little About Us

Our aim since inception in 1990 remains the same today – to ‘Do it Better’.

At Logobrand we are driven by our core purpose – to maximise our clients’ potential to sell more.

Working collaboratively with our clients to deliver industry leading, award winning field sales strategies and campaigns, we take ownership, ensuring executional excellence at the point of purchase, providing robust and actionable information and delivering unprecedented insight and ROI, which truly takes the weight off your shoulders.

Our proven process of defining end goal excellence, planning to deliver 100% with efficiency & value in mind, whilst demonstrating responsibility, creativity, and passion never fails to delight our clients, deliver value and instil trust.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, writing and developing all of our own technology in-house – unique in the world of field sales. We never stand still, constantly developing more efficient and transparent ways of working to increase value for our clients.

Our nationwide, flexible, field sales team (all PAYE) are well trained, diligent, driven and flexible. They exploit opportunities to maximise your ROI across grocery, high street, discounters, convenience and specialist outlets including On-Trade.

Whether supporting the multiple grocers with data led activity, the discounters with promotional and feature space compliance, conducting audits, siting POS, taking orders or even mystery shopping, our goal is to achieve 100% of your target.  We are TUPE experts in the world of Field Sales teams, ensuring individuals are treated with integrity and fairness.

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Sally Davis
Managing Director

  • Logobrand are fantastic to work with, their flexibility and personal approach means they always deliver against any task or problem no matter how quickly we need it actioned.

    They always strive for excellent results and continuous improvement in ROI, I really appreciate their honesty when it comes to improving ways of working and budget/call management.

    Jacob Douwe Egberts - Head of Shopper Marketing
  • Yet again, we have collaborated with the Logobrand team and collectively we have come up with a bespoke solution that is not only tailored exactly to our needs, but is exceeding our expectations on every level. Challenges are really fun to work on with the Logobrand team!

    Britvic Soft Drinks - Out let Contact Manager
  • I have had a vision for some time now how I believe Grocery Field Sales should be approached and executed. I didn’t think that a solution for that vision existed until I met Logobrand. It was as if they had read my mind.

    Their whole approach, philosophy and deliverables, resonated completely with my ideals.

    Molson Coors - Customer Contact Strategy Manager
  • Since working with Logobrand we have been impressed with the excellent ways of working our Logobrand colleagues have with the Müller Operational Marketing team. Each account has tailored reporting delivered in a timely manner and Logobrand’s dynamic and responsive approach to Müller’s requirements fits well within our business.

    Above all, it is important to Müller that our field marketing agency has confidence to push back when they feel our demands do not match the interests of ROI delivery and core business objectives. By working with Logobrand we know they are the experts and are strong enough to challenge our ideas in a constructive and mutually beneficial manner.

    Müller - Trade Marketing Manager
  • Our relationship is going from strength to strength. The Logobrand team is agile, flexible and results orientated.  The insight that they bring to our business has had huge impact on our retailer strategies and we continue to work collaboratively to drive value out of our investment.

    Haribo - National Account Manager
  • Logobrand have done an outstanding job on this… you know the final mile is always the hardest, and you truly delivered. 99% compliant for FSDU placement is amazing and totally unheard of within the grocery sector…

    This is the highest level of compliance I have ever experienced on shippers.

    WM Grant & Son - Business Account Manager
  • I have been part of the Logobrand team for over 17 years, it has been a pleasure working with such an ethical, caring company. I am married with three children, all of whom have worked for Logobrand at some time or another. I now have two grandchildren, who at nine and seven are a little young to be out in the field yet but who knows what could happen in the future?

    Sue Martin - Logobrand Field Sales Support

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