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10 Years at Logobrand


[dropcap type=”dropcap-1″ character=”I” id=”” class=”” style=””] recently celebrated 10 years since the day I started working at Logobrand. 10 years is a really long time! I’ve never stayed in any job before for such a long period and to be honest, when I came to Logobrand, could never have predicted I’d still be here.

Which means that working for Logobrand is a good thing! So what has happened in those 10 years?

The biggest change internally is how much Logobrand has expanded. It’s exciting to realise the operational team is nearly three times bigger than in 2008… and still we’re recruiting. Many of the new faces have now been here a good few years too, and only two of the team who were in post when I started are no longer with Logobrand.

And that expands to our fantastic field team – 27% of the currently active team were already working for Logobrand when I joined the company.

While faces and organisational structure may have changed, many of the clients 10 years ago, I’m pleased to say, are still clients today. The retail environment also remains largely unchanged. We lost Woolworths, Wilkinsons became Wilko, but the core retailers in which we work are the same, 10 years later, though our focus on convenience has grown and we have accredited the teams working in Asda and Sainsbury’s.

There are big changes in technology too – in those early days, company PDAs ran simple web based reporting and paper report forms were all too common. Now, paper is redundant and we have a suite of smart apps running on both IOS and Android, some bespoke to client requirement, reporting seamlessly into web portals, tracking and validating actions taken in store to provide demonstrable, robust ROI. Making the operational teams jobs more efficient, these same apps and portals deliver automated reporting – the provision of one page summaries which can be shared around the clients’ business or even sent on schedule straight to their inbox – meaning account teams have more resource to dedicate to strategic development of the account.

Our call capabilities have grown smarter as we’ve refined the analysis of retailer data to identify when and where to call. Recently we’ve broken yet more new ground, revolutionising our decision making and ROI capabilities by focussing on those products which are the most profitable for our clients, rather than those which are the most high profile or have the greatest rates of sale.

And finally, me. I was a redhead when I arrived and now I’m blonde!

What hasn’t and will never change at Logobrand is the drive to own the job and do what’s right, the agility to address the most challenging of circumstances, the desire to deliver excellence and the knowledge that we do it better.

Logobrand is a great place to work. Here’s to the next 10 years!

Cath Rodkoff, Transition Manager