Recently, our team at Logobrand had the incredible opportunity to spend a day in Morrisons alongside our valued partners at Britvic. This visit was about immersing ourselves in the heart of the retail environment to gain valuable insights that bridge the gap between the data we analyse and what this means in reality.

Here’s a glimpse into the purpose and highlights of our enlightening session:

Understanding Challenges and Pains at Store Level

Our primary objective was to bring the head office team from Britvic into the store. By engaging in conversations with the store manager, we delved into the tangible challenges faced on the shop floor. This face-to-face interaction allows us to identify and address issues effectively, ultimately enhancing our partnership.

Showcasing What We Do in Store

We showcased our data-driven approach, revealing how we utilize data to determine where our colleagues are placed within the store. This strategic deployment ensures that Britvic products are where they need to be, meeting consumer demand effectively. We also discussed the exciting innovation on the horizon with Snappy, demonstrating our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.

Aligning with Our Wider Strategy

Our visit to Morrisons is an integral part of our broader strategy with Britvic. We understand that data can sometimes appear black and white, but the reality in stores is often more complex. By immersing ourselves in the store environment, we enrich our insights, allowing Britvic to better understand the challenges that impact data and our proactive measures to address them.

In the world of retail, success hinges on the ability to connect the dots between data-driven decisions and the dynamic challenges of the store environment. We’re proud to work alongside Britvic in this endeavour, ensuring that every bottle, can, and product placement aligns with consumer demand and preferences.

Stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative efforts to deliver the best for Britvic and Morrisons customers. Together, we’re turning data into action, one store visit at a time!