Award Winning Field Marketing Agency since 1990. We have 30 years of experience driving brands and increasing sales instore whilst delivering ROI for our clients

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About us

Sell More With Field Sales

Established in 1990, we are proud to be one of the few remaining independently owned field marketing agencies in the UK. We have a personality; we have a whole lot of heart; we have an opinion and aren’t afraid to challenge. We provide field sales teams to support our clients’ products at point of purchase in a host of outlets. The multiple grocers are our heartland, but our teams are well-versed at exploiting opportunities on the high street, in discounters, managed convenience and specialist retail outlets such as DIY, Pet & Wine retailers. Our values define the way that we show up every day and we are proud to live and breathe them.

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How We Work

We are experts in driving sales via influence and action at point of purchase. Our commercial operating process is simple, but highly effective.

Our 360° Service

We start by understanding and defining what end goal excellence is for your business.

Our proactive account teams take the lead and shape your field sales campaigns to deliver 100% with efficiency & value in mind, whilst demonstrating responsibility, creativity, and passion, which never fails to delight our clients, delivering value and instilling trust.

Our commercial process ensures that we spend your budget efficiently by focusing resource where and when we know we can have the greatest impact. Our agility means nothing is ever set in stone, we quickly navigate hurdles and change course to deliver the required outcome – no excuses.

Intuitive and insightful dashboards keep you updated, in real-time, every step of the way. Thorough evaluation completes the cycle with learnings shaping future activity.

Your brands are in very safe hands with Logobrand.

Technology & Innovation

Logobrand has always invested in technology - we were the first field marketing business to report in real time, and the first to use EPOS data to drive call files.
We have an in-house team of developers, meaning that we can deliver a constant stream of enhancements and new features to our LiSA field app and our client reporting portals.
Logobrand also has an exclusive arrangement with Conker for the collection and processing of data from retailer portals. Conker has more than 25 years’ experience of turning EPOS into field team actions, and processes at lightning speed. This allows our teams to deal with issues on the same morning that the EPOS appears - not a day, or days, later.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our owner directors, being one of the last privately owned field marketing companies in the UK and having the owners involved in the day-to-day running of the business allows for quick decisions, the ability to build strategic & collaborative partnerships.

Peter Burke

Founding Director

Sally Abraham

Managing Director

Jackie Carter

Finance Director
Meet The Team

The permanent Co-op and Britvic drinks promotional FSDU is a great example of a collaborative piece of work that has enhanced our retail proposition and delivered against our sustainability, marketing and sales objectives. We’ve already seen a positive impact to the customer offer and sales, and store colleagues are pleased with the savings to both store hours and cardboard waste


Logobrand have delivered fantastic work for us this year. Their data-led approach allowed their field team to visit the right stores at the right time. This allowed us to achieve an unprecedented ROI across all retailers, while making our brands look their best during a key season for us. I cannot thank Ryan and the team enough for all the hard work they’ve put in to make this happen. As I’ve been saying: Logobrand are amazing!


Logobrand are fantastic to work with, their flexibility and personal approach means they always deliver against any task or problem no matter how quickly we need it actioned. They always strive for excellent results and continuous improvement in ROI, I really appreciate their honesty when it comes to improving ways of working and budget/call management.


One of the great pleasures in hosting the Field Marketing awards through 13 years has been the insight into top performing agencies whilst chairing our client judged sessions. A Logobrand entry is always a special one, the proverbial shoo-in for the shortlist. Whoever judges (and they are typicaly very senior) the result is always the same, impressed by the content, the work that was undertaken, the clarity of the vision, the innovation and, of course, the results. Logobrand has always been a force for dynamic store availability and detailed accountability, and unsurprisingly wins at FMBE Awards with a success strike rate few can aspire to. Underpinning the data driven store resullts are a management and field team that are always enthusiastic to take their work forwards whilst being joyful and supportive at all points of contact


Yet again, we have collaborated with the Logobrand team and collectively we have come up with a bespoke solution that is not only tailored exactly to our needs, but is exceeding our expectations on every level. Challenges are really fun to work on with the Logobrand team!


Love this report and the attention to detail from Logobrand (not always the case when we’ve sent merchandisers into stores before) Best-in class report attached shared internally Going forward let’s liaise as closely as possible when sending merchandisers into our top accounts for implementation, as there are often plenty of efficiencies by adding checks on both brands at the same time.