Logobrand App Privacy Policy

Logobrand Field Marketing Privacy Policy – 1 March 2017

What does this document tell you

This document tells you how we use your information in the Logobrand app. It explains how we verify your identity and check the calls that you submit.

Changes to this document

If this document changes, we will alert you via the app.

1. What Information Does Logobrand Collect about Me and Why?

In order to login, we ask you to enter your Highway 42 user name and password. This gives you access to your call schedule. We do not request any further personal information from you within the app.
Your current location is embedded in any photographs that you take with the app. If you disable this, we may have difficulties verifying that your call has been properly carried out.
When you submit call details, the model of phone or tablet that you use is submitted. This may be used if you raise a support request.

2. What Tracking Information Does Logobrand Collect about Me or My Devices?

We track the time that you data entered your calls. Nothing else

3. Communications

Logobrand communicate with active staff via email, text and phone call, providing information about available work and information pertaining to jobs that you are staffed to. We do not collect your contact information within this app.
If you request to be removed from our database permanently Logobrand will not contact you again.

4. Information Access and Disclosure
Logobrand does not share your information unless strictly necessary.
Logobrand does share your relevant details with HM Revenues & Customs for the purpose of tax calculation and with BACS for the purpose of paying you wages.
Logobrand does share your address with our courier company, if we need to deliver point of sale material to your home.

5. Contact Us
Logobrand welcomes your feedback regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have questions, comments or concerns about this Policy please contact us by email at sys@logobrand.com or by post at:

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