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Can constant sales and offers influence brand awareness and reputation?

It’s safe to say that effective sales and offers are a great way to increase brand awareness and develop a brand’s reputation. With so much competition, discounts can often be used to drive consumer interest and influence purchase decisions.

With UK consumers facing tighter household budgets as energy prices, travel costs and food bills on a rising trajectory, the need to take advantage of value for money offers to stretch household budgets is becoming a necessity for many.

According to Retail Week, 36% of consumers are actively looking for promotions and deals, based on data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). With a budget-conscious public looking to protect its wallet, it is only natural that retailers and brands adapt to this consumer behaviour.

Sales and offers influencing purchase decisions

The popularity of sales and offers can’t be denied. Certainly, the data from ONS, mentioned above, highlights that. This explains why so many brands and retailers activate sales and offers on their products throughout the year. These range from responding to trends and taking part in specific events throughout the year, such as Black Friday, January sales, Back to School etc, to moving to clear surplus stock. Attracting money-conscious buyers through targeted discounts and effective in-store promotional roll-outs has been an important tool for retailers and brands when implementing sales strategies.

Businesses are recognising the power of discounts when it comes to growing reputations and increasing awareness.  The consumer champion organisation Which, name Lidl as the cheapest supermarket of 2020 thanks to its array of discounts, sales and offers to attract consumers. This is a great reminder of how sales and offers can positively influence consumer behaviour.

Tesco’s relaunch of its Clubcard scheme also benefited from consumer interest in sales and discounts. The updated scheme offers in-store discounts on products which are only available to Clubcard holders. According to The Grocer, Tesco is reaping the benefits as it saw a large increase in sales, as well as now having more than 20 million households signed up to the scheme.

Post-pandemic, brands are aware that they can potentially catch the attention of previously disinterested consumers, and the data speaks for itself. Think With Google found that 87% of consumers say that knowing they got a good deal or offer is significant to them when deciding which brand or retailer to purchase from.

While this is great news, over saturation of sales and offers can also lead consumers to question the authenticity of the price they are paying. For example, with Black Friday season still in recent memory, the BBC reported on a Which investigation which found that more than 90% of Black Friday deals were the same price, or cheaper six months before the sales event in the previous year.

In a post-pandemic world, consumers have even greater awareness when shopping, taking their time before handing over hard-earned cash. Building honesty through authentic sales can undoubtedly influence consumer loyalty. So how do you make your sales and offers stand out from the crowd?

How to best utilise in-store promotions

Targeted and effective promotional roll-outs can add significant value to your in-store sales strategy. That is why, at Logobrand, we recognise the importance of smooth sale and offer execution in-store, and we are experts in enforcing promotional compliance.

To benefit most from your in-store offer strategy, it is important for sales to run smoothly, on time and with products always available throughout the offer period. This leads to maximed sales, delivering positive return on investment and boosting brand awareness. Showcasing your products in the right way and being correctly implemented in the locations you have invested in, including digital displays, aisle fins, shelf barkers, header boards, SELs and trolley graphics, is important in key sale periods.

Encouragingly, as the public continues to get accustomed to life post-pandemic, more shoppers are likely to return to in-store shopping experiences. This is a great time to recognise the potential of targeted sales and offers, and to grasp the opportunities which in-store promotions carry, such as enhanced product and brand exposure and loyalty.

How can Logobrand further support your in-store sales and offers execution?

Successful sales and offers can positively influence loyalty, reputation and persuade positive purchase decisions. Logobrand is on hand to help brands and retailers through targeted promotional roll-outs, providing a more consumer-centric approach to maximising sales. Our expertise in data insights can help you identify trends and shopping patterns to inform effective in-store sales activations. With us on your side, your brand can get on the right track to ensure a seamless shopper experience throughout your sales and offer periods.

How our services can help your brand with in-store sales and offers

  • NPD speed to shelf. We know how important it is to ensure your products are available for shoppers as soon as they arrive in-store
  • Effective promotional roll-outs and in-store targeted campaigns
  • Effective merchandising
  • Rectifying store and SKU level problems where retailer EPOS data is available

With Logobrand’s support, you will have the reassurance that promotions, sales and offers are executed efficiently and properly. If you would like to find out how to maximise sales in-store, contact us today.