Embark on a captivating journey into the vibrant world of retail with Logobrand Field Marketing’s January 2024 Quarterly Insights Report. This comprehensive document serves as an insightful compass, guiding readers through the ever-evolving landscape of market trends, retailer strategies, and sustainability initiatives.

In the Market Trends segment, Logobrand explores the dynamic dynamics of the plant-based category. While interest in ‘veganism’ is on the decline, the rise of the ‘flexitarian’ diet offers new and exciting opportunities for brands to adapt and maximise sales. The report poses thought-provoking questions about the impact of the cost of living crisis on the plant-based sector, especially considering the backdrop of rising food inflation.

Convenience takes centre stage as Logobrand delves into the recent Time Use in the UK report from the ONS. With consumers spending only 3% of their day on food preparation, the report underscores the critical importance of convenience. Brands are urged to innovate within this limited timeframe, presenting a significant opportunity for those who can capture attention effectively.

The pet-care sector, affected by the cost of living crisis, is identified as an area of potential growth. Logobrand, leveraging its extensive experience in supporting pet-care brands, positions itself as a valuable partner for those navigating this space.

In the Hot Topic segment, Logobrand examines the cost-of-living crisis’s impact on consumer behaviour. The research indicates a notable shift in consumer loyalty from brands to prices, with 70% of consumers engaging more with promotions and 64% opting for private label products. The report stresses the need for a fresh approach to enhance brands’ sales in stores amidst this evolving landscape.

Eyes & Ears reveals the latest in Retailer Trends, from Tesco’s procedural changes to regional patterns of promotional compliance and lost sales. Logobrand’s expertise in intelligent call files positions it as the go-to partner for addressing retailer-specific issues.

Sustainability takes precedence as Logobrand showcases its efforts, from LiSA app upgrades to eco-friendly initiatives at the Head Office. Teasing upcoming case studies, the report provides a glimpse into Logobrand’s collaboration with clients to drive sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Eyes & Ears further illuminates the retail ecosystem, capturing real-time store-level data on Tesco’s stock control and promotional compliance intricacies.

Logobrand’s Quarterly Insights Report for 2024 is your indispensable guide through the retail landscape. Contact Logobrand to equip your brand for the challenges and opportunities ahead.