Optimal compliance. Greater availability. Up-to-date competitor insight. More sales. Our objectives are simple, our cutting-edge technology is anything but.

When it comes to optimising on-the-shelf performance, off the shelf software just won’t cut it. Rather than rely on systems developed by other people, we create our own custom tech tools that do exactly what we need them to do, in the way we need them to work.

This commitment to bespoke technology solutions, which our talented tech team designs and develops in house, allows us to deliver differently.

We can integrate features our field teams tell us they need. We can incorporate tools and capabilities that move the ROI dial. We can respond faster to challenges, opportunities, and changes.

Have you met LiSA?

The Logobrand In-Store App (we call her LiSA) is powerful, pocket-sized and a complete game changer when it comes to extracting the maximum value from every in-store visit. She runs on phones and tablets.

LiSA ensures that every in-store visit is effective and efficient. LiSA guides the user through every step of the visit, so nothing at all is missed and every opportunity to add value is identified and executed.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach, either. Your priorities may differ by store format. Your objectives may be different from product to product. Our app is designed to tailor each visit, so your specific requirements remain the focus, no need for the user to check a complicated matrix of what’s needed where.

LiSA wasn’t designed just to ensure optimal in-store visits. Though the app excels in that area, we’ve also focused heavily on the user experience for clients, and packed in features that make it easy for you to track progress, access the figures you need and request specific information (such as images of competitor promos in store) quickly, easily and on demand. The entire experience has been engineered to maximise performance and supercharge your sales.

Useful reporting that streamlines your planning and decision making

Technology is useless if it doesn’t serve your needs. When it comes to reporting, only the very latest, most accurate data is good enough to inform campaign planning and decision making.

Our reporting portals are configured to your exact needs, with interactive dashboards, real-time data, and maps. You can access metrics that matter at a glance, to check in on everything from the number of displays gained to the resulting incremental sales uplift. Additionally, all photos from every store visit are geotagged and timestamped for accurate post-activity reporting.

Personalised project management

Technology has been an intrinsic aspect of our DNA since day one. There’s no better illustration of this than our custom project management solution, Highway42. It’s been developed in-house over the course of three decades to power the behind the scenes elements that ensure a seamless client experience, while handling the logistics that assure successful store visits.

It powers our client reporting sites as well as our internal employee payroll and training portal. It also manages intelligent visit planning, optimised workloads, and territories, handles client objectives and KPIs and manages the complex warehousing and distribution of POS materials.