Availability Support

We’ll improve on-shelf availability and optimise your visibility in-store, helping your brand to maximise sales.


Are your sales suffering in some stores more than others?


Do you need reassurance that products are being replenished on shelf to avoid out-of-stocks and availability gaps?


Has the demand for click-and-collect and home delivery put a strain on resources in store?


Do your products have the correct number of facings?


If you’re facing any of these concerns, your brand might benefit from Availability Support.


Many retailers neglect on-shelf availability, leading to gaps or out-of-stocks. This not only leads to lost sales but also affects the shopper experience. Ensuring your products are available on shelf and visible to shoppers will give your brand  the competitive edge and help boost sales.


With our support, you’ll start to see your products fly off the shelves and increase your return-on-investment.

How we help brands with on-shelf availability to maximise sales:

Our dual approach of data-led support and on-site field sales deployment is tried and tested, so you can relax knowing your brand is in safe hands. By integrating technology with retailer EPOS, we achieved some impressive results for Britvic, reducing availability gaps by 26% in stores and delivered a positive return on investment.


Our account team reviews opportunities to maximise sales in each store to:

  • Prioritise the stores that really need your support, so we only direct resource when and where it’s necessary
  • Identify products experiencing availability issues or out-of-stocks and get to the root cause of lost sales
  • Highlight potential issues before they occur, lost sales, and identify opportunities
  • Pinpoint availability gaps or stock issues
  • Track hero SKU entry/exit availability over time in a fixed universe of stores
  • Maximise stock inventory to ensure regular replenishment of your products
  • Merchandise stock on shelves
  • Regain share of shelf, secure distribution and ensure the correct number of facings are present
  • Ensure SELs are present and correct. If the price isn’t visible, your product won’t be picked
  • Increase brand visibility with additional off fixture sitings and visual merchandising, boosting sales

Our bespoke technology is designed in-house to offer unique availability support.

Availability Manager ™

The bespoke algorithms of Availability Manager ™ enable us to identify availability issues, track sales following intervention and assign a value to the fix. These just a few examples of its endless functionality. You can learn more about Availability Manager ™ here.


Expert field sales team

Our expert field sales team is deployed to stores where support is required, resolving issues on the spot and taking opportunities to maximise sales. Equipped with the right technology and store and SKU specific stock and sales insights, our team can make informed decisions to ensure retailer compliance and fix availability gaps.


Why is on-shelf availability so important for your brand?

There are three main benefits of availability support:

  • Maximised sales
  • Improved brand loyalty and customer experience
  • Overcome the competition

Here’s why.

Stock gaps and empty shelves can be frustrating for shoppers and concerning for brands, as products need to be in the right place at the right time to make sales. If shoppers can’t find their favourite brands, they could opt for a competitor’s brand which is in stock. Additionally, with the substitution system that applies to both click-and-collect and home delivery services, if your brand is not available, the picker is required to choose a ‘suitable alternative’ on behalf of the consumer. Therefore, you won’t only lose sales if this happens, you could potentially lose customer loyalty, too.

Why choose Logobrand?

At Logobrand, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, data and insight in our industry. All our technology is developed in-house by experts, making us unique in the world of field sales. This enables our dedicated team of field marketing experts to have the knowledge and awareness to help drive sales in-store. We’re really proud of the clients we’ve worked with, including some of Britain’s best-loved brands. You can check out our case studies here. We’ll take the weight off your shoulders, working collaboratively with your brand to deliver award-winning field marketing campaigns and support.  


Write your own success story with us, get in touch to discuss your in-store frustrations and find out how we can maximise your sales at point of purchase.