What is NPD Speed to Shelf?

As soon as your new product is secured in the retailer, you’ll want the stock in your store and on the shelves to start selling as quickly as possible. Our NPD Speed to Shelf service will help you to maximise sales, fixing any stock or shelf-availability issues that could be preventing your customers from purchasing your new product.


New listings of your product in-store will normally take place at ‘range review’. This is where a whole category is re-laid, occurring when discontinued lines are removed. Retailer stores typically have time to complete the range review, which is usually up to around two weeks.

Our NPD Speed to Shelf services involve either:

  • ‘Blanket’ coverage. We will visit all stores stocking your product, ensuring they are compliant so your new listing will be visible on-shelf
  • Analyse our real-time data after products have been listed in-store. This allows us to gain intelligent insights to identify the stores and distribution points that have not recorded a sale

While it’s up to you what approach you want to take, we would advise the second option.


Firstly, this utilises our intelligent data insights to identify where our efforts are needed the most, helping you get the best return –on investment.


Secondly, we are aware that stores do not usually complete the range reviews immediately. Waiting a short period of time for stores to complete their range review will help us to gather data on which stores have stocked the products on shelves. This allows us to target those stores most in need of our field resource.

How do we use technology to drive speed to shelf?

We take pride in our industry-leading technology and think that’s what makes Logobrand stand out. Using our daily retailer EPOS, we will identify distribution points that have received your stock and have not sold. This tells us which stores we need to target. We can then direct field resource into store, where our expert team will determine whether stock is on-shelf and pricings are correctly signposted.


While visiting the store, we would also conduct an audit to capture retailer compliance to check whether stores are stocking shelves as quickly as possible and highlighting potential issues before the occur.


Real-time data insights enable us to problems in-store, pinpointing exactly where our field team should be directed to, so we can resolve the issue to avoid lost sales.

Why choose Logobrand to help your brand drive speed to shelf?

At Logobrand, our proactive account management team will become an extension of your business, offering support strategies to deliver maximum impact, return-on-investment and end-goal excellence.


We are well known for being the data insight experts of our industry. Our in-house solutions have been developed over 30 years, while our award-winning technology systems are written in house, by us, for us. This offers our clients real-time transparency of how their products are performing in-store, as well as having an expert team by their side. Not many other field marketing agencies can say the same.


This guarantees that your new products are positioned on-shelf swiftly and smoothly, providing you with data-led strategies that are proven to drive sales. Find out how you can maximise sales with our NPD Speed to Shelf service, get in touch today.