Gain peace of mind knowing that your products have the right amount of space on fixtures in the right location in store.

What are planograms?

Planograms are designed by retailer analysts, carefully detailing each category’s shelf space in store, based on their forecast of sales for each product. Once you win shelf space, your end goal will likely be to maximise sales in-store, build brand awareness and improve consumer loyalty. Enforcing planogram compliance in retailers will help you attain this goal.


Periodically in each catergory (usually twice per year), a new planogram is generated by retailers to implement. Stores are then required to relay the fixture to the new plan.


How planogram compliance can impact sales in store


Without planogram compliance, you risk losing sales. This is due to competitors gaining more fixture space, which will reduce stock capacity on shelf for your product and potentially results in items going out –of stock. That’s why it is vital that brands are given the correct space and location on the fixtures, which can be improved through planogram compliance checks.

How we help brands avoid lost sales in store with planogram compliance

Logobrand are experts in supporting brands with retailer compliance, ensuring that the allocated placement of products is optimised to maximise sales while accurately reflecting the planogram in store.


On site planogram compliance checks:


Before carrying out the checks, we recommend that our field team are equipped with the relevant planogram, which will vary depending on the amount of equipment in-store, shopper demographic and size of store. This will give them everything they need, along with a depth of experience to ensure your brand receives the best level of service.


Our compliance checklist includes some of the following questions:

  • Do products have the correct amount of space allocated?
  • Does your brand have access to its allocated location in-store?
  • Can products be sited at eye height? This zone generates the highest rate of sale.
  • Are products ‘brand blocked’? This means that different variants of the same product are grouped together on shelf and provides impact and signposting to consumers.

Planogram implementation:


Our dedicated field team can also be deployed into stores to re-lay a fixture (we even work outside of trading hours if needed), and make any corrections on-the-spot.


With an award-winning field marketing agency like Logobrand behind you, your brand will have the best chance of success in store.


Are you interested in ensuring planogram compliance in-store to help boost your brand’s sales? We’ve got you covered – contact a member of our friendly team today.