Point of Sale (POS) Implementation

What is POS and why is it important for boosting sales?

POS refers to branded fixtures, signage or free-standing units designed to amplify products and generate more sales. POS is found throughout the store – from checkouts to main fixture, promotional ends and front of store.


More brands are realising the benefits of POS activation to boost sales and are investing in field marketing services to optimise compliance and increase visibility and merchandising in-store. Some common types of POS can be Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs), also known as Shippers and Hot Spot Trays (featuring promotions and offers where they are most visible to customers).


There are two kinds of POS:

  • POS can either be authorised, meaning the retailer has already agreed upon the POS. The POS should be on the store’s planogram and the client has paid for the space in store
  • Alternatively, POS can be incremental, whereby the merchandiser will agree with a particular store on a local level to receive the unit or signage

How Logobrand can help your brand maximise sales through POS implementation

With this service you will receive a dedicated team of field representatives and data-led knowledge and expertise, based on 30 years of experience in our industry.


We are proud of our work with leading brands, such as Haribo and Britvic. We follow a tried-and-tested process, which involves:

  • Send POS in bulk to our partner, EV1 Logistics. We then provide despatch lists for them to pick, pack, despatch and deliver the POS to our merchandisers, prior to the activity start date
  • The merchandising team then walk the POS into store and ensure it is sited, removing the risk of ‘lost’ units when sent direct to store

Why choose Logobrand?

With Logobrand by your side, you can relax, knowing you’re getting the best field marketing services available. We’re not only an award-winning field marketing agency but also have the best record in our industry for successful implantation of POS in-store. In 2019 we successfully sited Christmas FSDUs for Moët Hennessy in 94% of planned Majestic stores. We beat that in 2020, despite Covid, by siting successfully in 96% of stores and started 2021 with a bang by siting 99% of planned Hain Daniels FSDU in Sainsbury’s.


We’ll take care of your POS strategy, ensuring that your planned POS activations are implemented in a timely, stress-free manner. We’ll give you an edge against competitor lines, by amplifying visibility in-store.


Get in touch with our team of field marketing experts today to discuss how to maximise your brand’s sales.