We will ensure retailers compliance, so your brand can reap the benefits of in-store promotions.

What are in-store promotions?

Brands often promote their products in-store to increase sales and drive penetration by offering shoppers a bargain. Promotions include price reductions, where consumers can save money, to multibuys, such as buy two and get one item discounted or free and, increasingly, every day low pricing. The brand and/or retailer accepts a discounted margin, which is mitigated in increased volume throughout.


In store promotions are highly effective in building brand awareness and boosting sales. They give consumers an incentive to buy your product and trigger impulse purchases, leading to a spike in sales.


All retailers offer ‘off-fixture’ promotional spaces, which are key areas in-store where shoppers will look for promotions an ‘off-fixture display’ or ‘feature space’. Any promotions need to be signposted to the shopper, so must also always run at a main fixture. The brand agrees to pay the retailer a fixed amount of money for the planned feature location in the agreed stores.


While you can have all the necessary plans for your in store promotions, all too often, retailers are not compliant and either improperly deploy displays, or worse, fail to implement them at all. How can brands ensure retailers are compliant?


With Logobrand’s support, you will have the reassurance that promotions are executed efficiently and properly. We’ll enforce retailer compliance and, essentially, ensure you get everything you have paid for.

Our dedicated field team are experts in enforcing promotional compliance

Logobrand is an award-winning field marketing agency with more than 30 years of experience. We have worked with some of Britain’s best-loved brands, providing value to our clients to help them maximise their sales potential.


Our dedicated field marketing team will make onsite visits, taking the following steps to ensure stores are being compliant:

  • Review any complementary in store activations the brand may also have paid for, including digital display promotions, aisle fins, shelf barkers, header boards and trolley graphics
  • Ensure that as much stock as possible is on the shop floor, as stock will not sell from the warehouse
  • Check stock levels and order capacities to make sure they have been increased to support an increased rate of sale during the promotion
  • Perform on site checks to ensure that any planned feature space has been actioned and brands have all the space that was agreed with the retailer
  • Make sure that the promotion is communicated to shoppers at all locations in store– this can include SELs, shelf stripping or promotional barkers

Your success is our success, so we’re committed to helping your brand thrive in store. Let’s work together to help grow your brand’s sales and in-store visibility. Speak to a member of our team to discuss your business needs today.