Real-Time EPOS Data Analysis

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) data enables our team to identify opportunities and fix problems in-store so your brand can effectively boost product sales.


With this service, your brand will benefit from intelligent analysis of real-time data from EPOS systems using our bespoke industry-leading technology. This enables our field marketing experts to keep their finger on the pulse of your brand’s sales, SKU level issues and availability in-store. From there, we can identify the root cause of lost sales and determine the right solution or intervention to fix localised issues on the spot.


How these data-led insights deliver real-time visibility, transparency and ultimate efficiency for your brand:

Availability Manager™ (AM) is our digital real-time data crunching tool that was designed and developed in-house by our technology experts. This industry-leading tool analyses retailer EPOS data daily (including ranging, stock and sales) along with field-captured data to provide immediate alerts, reports, trends and insights. AM crunches the data to pinpoint availability issues in-store and assigns a lost sales value, which we can then use to prioritise essential in-store visits and equip our field representatives with the information needed to deliver the right solution for your brand.


We highlight potential issues before they occur and get to the root cause of lost sales, while identifying any opportunities to drive availability and boost sales. With the help of our EPOS data tools and driven team, we are always one step ahead of the game to give our clients a leading edge.

Why real-time EPOS data analysis is essential for boosting sales and giving you a positive ROI:

At Logobrand, we are driven by real-time data-led insights to ensure we are effectively optimising your budget to deliver a positive ROI. Unlike other field marketing agencies, we can demonstrate the actual value delivered as a direct result of our field teams’ actions by SKU and intervention type.


Our real-time EPOS data analysis service has proved to be the most comprehensive and robust method of monitoring. Logobrand is proud of the brands we have worked with to maximise their sales. In 2020, we helped Haribo achieve fantastic results by maximising their product sales in Morrisons. We used real-time EPOS data analysis to increase their average volume of available stock on entry by 84% between April and November 2020.


If you would like to find out how your brand could benefit from EPOS data analysis to maximise sales, speak to a member of our friendly team today.