Store and SKU Level Issues

We’ll identify, investigate and rectify store and SKU level problems which are resulting in availability issues and therefore, lost sales. Equally, we’ll identify opportunities, empowering you to sell more.


Gain peace of mind knowing that your products are visible, available and signposted to your consumers. For 30 years, Logobrand has been helping brands achieve their business goals by overcoming store and SKU level issues to maximise sales.


What is a SKU?

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is the code used by the retailer to identify each variant of every product it stocks. Our experienced field marketing team help brands harness the power of SKU codes, providing tailored solutions that deliver the best value and ROI.


Here are some of the benefits of store and SKU solutions:

  • Gain valuable insights about your trading position, using SKU level store data
  • Robust and clear ROI calculation for your marketing spend, such as promotions. fixtures and in store activations
  • Track and rectify potential book stock errors, where physical stock in-store does not match the system’s stock which results in low or out of stocks
  • Identify opportunities to maximise sales and optimise stock levels to your advantage
  • Unlock ranged SKU data and insights with our Availability Manager ™ (AM) system
  • Investigate the reasons for lost sales and rectify the root cause
  • Ensure stores have the optimum stock levels for sales, avoiding out of stocks
  • Analyse sales of your product compared to previous sales in that store or other stores that normally have similar trading patterns

Why choose Logobrand to help your brand overcome store and SKU issues?

Unlike other field marketing agencies, we know that every client is different, which is why we shape our solutions to fit each brand’s requirements. Our proactive account management team will become an extension of your business, offering support strategies to deliver maximum impact, return-on-investment and end-goal excellence.


Powered by technology and insight

Our field marketing team use industry leading technology to capture data at SKU level and translate it into opportunities that will give your brand a competitive edge.


We import EPOS data into our Availability Manager ™ system to generate a lost sales value (LSV), or an opportunity value for each store. We then focus resource into stores that need it most, ensuring that our actions provide the best value and align with your goals. Our reliable field team make on-site visits and negotiate with retailers on your behalf, equipped with the latest stock and sales data, along with expert recommendations to resolve potential issues.


SKU level data not only keeps track of sales and stock levels, but also provides valuable insights about your product, customers and shoppers – what days of the week do most shoppers buy your products? What impact are different pack size promotions having on base sales? Which products are driving in store and on shelf availability issues?


With all this information to hand, you will be better equipped to reach your target audience. As a result, you’ll be able to negotiate more relevant offers with your customers – ones that are more geared towards the scope of their interests.


Interested in resolving in-store and SKU issues to avoid lost sales? Get in touch with our friendly experts today.