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From shelf to checkout: How to maximise sales with point of purchase marketing

Want to know the secret to making your products fly off the shelvesWe’re here to tell you that the answer lies in your point of purchase marketing.  

Once customers are already in the store, the next challenge is getting them to interact with your product. It doesn’t stop there. Customers need the incentive to make a purchase, which requires key messaging between the brand and the consumer.  

When point of purchase marketing is executed correctly, you will soon see your products moving swiftly off shelves and into customers hands. Firstly, let’s dive deeper into what point of purchase actually is. 

What is point of purchase (POP) marketing? 

Point of purchase is the communication between a brand and its target consumers, which occurs at the point that they make purchase decisions. POP marketing can come in many different formsfrom visual merchandising and displays to in-store promotions and tactical activationTheir purpose is to capture customer attention at this crucial moment. 

Point of purchase and point of sale are often used interchangeably. While both terms refer to the strategic placement and advertising of a product, there are some key differences.  

Point of purchase vs. point of sale  
  • Point of sale refers to the space within store that the transfer of money for the goods takes place, such as the checkout 
  • Point of purchase refers to any area that a customer makes the decision to purchase your product, which can occur anywhere in the store 
  • Point of purchase marketing aims to optimise parts of the store tencourage customers to purchase your product while they are shoppingincluding using displays and visual merchandising 
  • Point of sale marketing aims to optimise only the checkout areas of a store to encourage customers to buy your product at the last minute, usually known as an impulse buy 

Fundamentally, point of purchase marketing is a broader term for point osale marketing and both are extremely useful techniques to drive sales. For instance, while customers are waiting in line for the checkout, POS displays optimise this opportunity to advertise a product.  

So, how can your brand benefit from point of purchase marketing? 

Point of purchase marketing is a good investment and can bring tangible benefits to your brand, such as increased sales, improved customer experience and brand loyalty. More brands are tapping into the revenue potential of point of purchase marketing, as competition to get their products on the shelves continues to growThis climate in the retail industry will only intensify, says Investopedia, and the global POP displays market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% from 2018 to 2026. 

When you have the right field marketing team by your sidepoint of purchase marketing is a sure-fire way to beat the competition and ensure your ROI is high. 

Point of purchase marketing includes shelf facings, POP displays and promotional material throughout the store. POP displays are the best-known POP marketing strategy for brands, as they insert your products directly into a shopper’s path and boost your brand’s presence in-store. POP displays come in all shapes and sizes, from freestanding displays and endcaps to dump bins and floor graphics.  

Picture this. A customer passes your product on the shelvesThey keep walking, not giving it a second glance. Now imagine your product is advertised on a point of purchase displaybringing attention to your brand or promotionThe eyecatching visual merchandising stops the customer in their tracksenticing them to pick up the product. 

This marketing technique triggers the decision: to buy or not to buy? With point of purchase marketing and a good field sales team, you’ll greatly increase your chances of maximising sales than if your product were hidden away on the shelf.  

Displays place your products away from the traditional aisle shelf, making your brand stand out against a competitor’s.  

Point of purchase displays often stand separately from the standard aisle shelf, effectively inserting a product into a shopper’s pathBy effectively reaching customers within the store, you can increase sales without overspending on your budget.  

How Logobrand can help with your point of purchase marketing 

Some field marketing agencies are all talk and no action. At Logobrand, we are dedicated to your brand’s success and guarantee excellent ROI by sending in-store sales through the roof. 

Logobrand’s expert field marketing team will make onsite visits to stores to help you win at point of purchase. We’ll ensure retailer compliance, checking that point of purchase materials are displayed correctly and are communicating with the customer. Your success is our success, so we’re committed to helping your brand thrive in-store. 

We use industryleading technology to empower our people with all the essential tools to do the best possible job, using accurate, realtime data. That’s why we have our own in-house technology team who design, develop and tailor all of our systems, aimed to support field representatives in undertaking the right in-store actions tdrive value on your behalf. Whether ensuring compliance of point of purchase marketing materials, increasing visibility and availability of products, or educating store staff, Logobrand will help you meet your brand’s objectives and drive future success. 

Interested in learning more about how point of purchase marketing can benefit your brand? Get in touch to speak to a field marketing specialist today. 

Logobrand is an award-winning field marketing agency with over 30 years of experience. We are dedicated to driving sales at point of purchase and helping you reach your sales potential, providing value to our clients wherever possible. Let’s work together to help grow your brand’s sales and in-store visibilitySpeak to a member of our team to discuss your business needs today. 

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