Developed by our sister company, Conker Cloud Innovations, in partnership with IR experts ParallelDots. Snappy Decisions will reshape the way you think of image recognition. It’s no longer project-based but a way of working and is affordable, not just in financial terms but in admin time too. A new generation of image-based AI, Snappy Decisions goes far beyond the basics of image recognition into an entirely new world – a world where a single image can tell you:

  • Whether a store is acting in compliance with your agreements
    • If planogram compliance is acceptable - easily download a ‘real-o-gram’
    • How much of your agreed share of space is being delivered
  • If shelves sit empty while stock sits in the back
  • If SELs are missing
  • Real-time sales values and volumes per facing or per linear metre
  • Sales performance benchmarking against stores with the same planograms

Powered by continually updated data sets and powerful AI, Snappy Decisions allows for deeper insights and more robust store performance interpretation than ever

How it works

The image tool you didn’t know you needed, Snappy Decisions is incredibly fast, remarkably detailed and out-of-this-world insightful. And it takes just two minutes for an in-store image to become a powerhouse of actionable data.

  • Step
    Your Logobrand field user takes a photo, or series of photos, during an in-store visit
  • Step
    The photos are securely uploaded to the ParallelDots AI cloud, where they undergo image recognition
  • Step
    The image and content analysis is sent to the Conker cloud for interpretation and EPOS integration
  • Step
    It arrives in the Logobrand cloud for clients to view
  • Step
    Just 2 minutes after Step 1, the user’s device is updated with any actions to take based on the photo analysis

Snappy Decisions is yet another way we substantially increase the value of every in-store visit and generate even more actionable data points for our clients. To understand more about what Snappy Decisions could mean for your field marketing performance, get in touch with us.

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