In the dynamic world of retail merchandising, commitment and dedication are the cornerstones of success. A great illustration of this, within Logobrand, is Jennie, one of our National Field Managers. She’s a key member of the Logobrand field support team, whose dedication to her job often goes way beyond the call of duty. 

Building Strong Relationships at Asda Watford
Jennie has seamlessly integrated into the Asda Watford store environment through numerous field accompaniments with her team members. By consistently demonstrating the value of Logobrand’s merchandising team, a strong working relationship has flourished between Logobrand and the store. This has led to mutual trust and elevated levels of collaboration, making the store comfortable in reaching out to Jennie for additional help when needed. 

Going Above and Beyond…
One of the standout instances highlighting Jennie’s dedication occurred recently when she visited the store before the dawn chorus had started – 05:30 am! Her mission was clear: to ensure that all products were present and meticulously merchandised with the correct SELs (Shelf Edge Labels). Jennie took charge, coordinating the movement of stock from capping shelves and the warehouse to the fixtures. This hands-on approach, working side by side with store staff, exemplifies Logobrand’s commitment to delighting clients. 

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”
Jennie is not alone in her commitment to Logobrand’s mission. Working collaboratively with team member Joao, they have dedicated many additional hours to support our clients. In the Watford store alone, the duo has spent six-plus hours on multiple occasions, going that extra mile to ensure that all our clients’ brands are not just present but also displayed correctly. This commitment extends beyond contractual obligations, demonstrating our passion for excellence in availability and visibility. 

Flagship Store Support and Client Satisfaction
Asda Watford holds a special status as a flagship store, frequently hosting management team meetings and visits from the board of directors. Jennie’s commitment to providing support during these critical times ensures that all brands we work with maintain impeccable standards. This support involves intricate processes that often exceeds contracted hours. 

Jennie’s Personal Touch
Jennie’s dedication is not just about meeting contractual obligations; it is about doing the right thing and showing genuine commitment to the client, beyond simply what needs to be done. Last week alone, she merchandised 14 cases of stock for General Mills on top of her regular duties, after Joao had done the same just the day before.   

The Unsung Heroes of Logobrand
In the world of retail merchandising, it is individuals like Jennie who are the unsung heroes. Her commitment, dedication, and willingness to invest extra time ensure that Logobrand  exceeds client expectations. It is people in the Logobrand team, like Jennie, who earn Logobrand the trust and partnership of household brands such as Britvic, General Mills, JDE and many more. 

Thanks for your hard work, Jennie!