Logobrand’s Trophy Cabinet just got a little bigger!

Logobrand’s Trophy Cabinet just got a little bigger!

Awards season arrived in a shower of glitter and trophies for Logobrand last week! The team is still recovering from what was a fabulous evening at the Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards 2019, where we were honoured with an accolade in every category we were placed in, including Gold in Most Effective Tactical Campaign (ROI Led) for our work with Hain Daniels.

Each and every award means the world to us, and gives the whole team the recognition they deserve for the incredible hard work they do.

The FMBE Awards and Logobrand

2019 marks the 13th year we have taken part in the Field Marketing and Brand Experience (FMBE) awards and, though 13 might be unlucky for some, it definitely gave us a stand out year! This year we continued our streak of being shortlisted in each category we entered; this is fantastic news as we never put ourselves forward for awards that we don’t think we’ll win.

Our shiny new trophies

Speaking of winning, Friday saw the team bring home more than just wonderful stories of the night before! We now have three new glittering glass trophy decanters and a Bronze certificate to adorn the trophy cabinet with!

We are especially proud to win Silver in the Field Marketing Agency of the Year category. Though of course, we always go for Gold, we understand that the race is tight at the top, and we know that even to be the first runner up is a huge honour.

We achieved a Bronze accolade with our Haribo campaign for most Effective Instore Marketing, placing amongst to two titans of the field marketing industry. Our other Silver was for the Field Data Award which we won with client Hain Daniels. It was with Hain Daniels that we also achieved our Gold award in our most coveted category, Most Effective (ROI led) Tactical Campaign, a category we have won now 5 times in 10 years!

Our Gold Standard clients Hain Daniels

It was especially thrilling to win Gold for our Tactical Campaign for Hain Daniels. Each and every one of our projects is incredibly special to us, but to have won Gold with a client we admire and enjoy working with so much is a real triumph.

Logobrand is unique in our tactical field marketing expertise, having ridden the technological wave for 30 years. We always ensure we’re at the cutting edge of data trends, and have the best tools and most knowledgeable staff our industry has to offer.

We’re sure we’ll see more awards from our work with Hain Daniels and many other clients in the near future.

What now?

Of course, our job isn’t just to win awards! It’s to bring exceptional field marketing services to our clients and continue to push further for better results to maximise value. Though industry awards are fantastic and truly good fun, we know our only real competition is ourselves; to make sure we’re delivering the very best to our current and future clients.

You can see more blogs relating to past FMBE awards here. If you’d like to work with an Award Winning Field Marketing agency, get in touch with Logobrand today!