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Mind the Gap: How’s your On-Shelf Availability in Grocery?

[text]If your field sales team is currently off the road, you have gaps in coverage, or you have put field sales support for the Multiple Grocers on hold, it is highly likely that:

  • Your on-shelf availability is suffering
  • Your shelf presence is dwindling
  • Your fixture compliance is non-existent


This doesn’t just mean you are losing out on sales; it means potential lost customer loyalty too.

Stock is back in store, but your brands may not be on shelf.

Logobrand can help. For the second week in row, we have increased our clients On Shelf Availability & Compliance in the Multiple Grocers by 34%.

Merchandising resource in store is extremely tight, as retailers struggle to keep up with demand, so stores need your help now more than ever. Don’t abandon them in their hour of need!

We are keeping our team safe whilst they work hard supporting our clients and the retailers to help keep shelves fully stocked and brands available to consumers.

Don’t get let Covid-19 destroy the brand loyalty you have worked so hard to build by not being present on shelf during lockdown.


Keeping Our Staff Safe Whilst Supporting Our Clients & The Multiple Grocers

We want to assure you that we are keeping our staff safe as we continue to support our clients and the multiple grocery retailers in keeping brands on sale.

Stores are under immense pressure and are having to assign additional resources to security, queuing barriers, pickers for home delivery & click & collect etc and as such are even more stretched when it comes to keeping stock on shelves.

We are receiving some great reports back from the field team that store staff are most appreciative of the work that they are doing to support in store, as retailers themselves are struggling to recruit sufficient resource. Many reps that regularly call, have simply stopped.

Supporting Grocery Retailers with Field Sales Resource – Now that they really need it most!


Role of Logobrand in Store

As stock availability is starting to return to normal in the aftermath of panic buying, never before has it been so important for brands to support the Multiple Grocers. It’s ironic that so many brands who regularly call on stores and expect store staff support to assist them in rectifying issues and exploiting opportunities, seem to have abandoned stores in their true hour of need.

Many book stock errors have occurred in the chaos and stores are appreciative of our tenacity in identifying and alerting them to this. Our main priorities are:

  • Fixing Availability Gaps – By merchandising large quantities of stock onto fixture & display
  • Regaining Share of Shelf -Ensuring the correct number of facings are present
    • (On shelf Availability was increased by 28% last week in Morrisons for a key confectionery Client)
  • Ensuring SELs are present & correct- If the price isn’t visible, your product won’t be picked
    • (SELs siting was necessary in 45% of store visited last week) 
  • Increasing Visibility – Gaining additional siting’s for your stock in store 
    • (Pre-filled FSDU compliance raised from 53% on Entry to 93% on Exit in Tesco)


Your brands, in Safe Hands

We represent almost 1/3 of Britain’s best loved brands in the Multiple Grocers, and have done so for over 30 years.

Our field team is well trained and managed. Each representative operates in a tight territory locally to their homes, and as such already have well established relationships with the stores.

If you could do with an extra pair of hands to support your brands and the retailers at a special rate, please get in touch.

The welfare of our team is always of paramount importance to us. Here is a summary of the extra steps we are taking to protect and support our nationwide field sales team.


Field Team Resource

A good proportion of nationwide workforce is still presently active and we are seeing those that self-isolated at the beginning of the crisis, now fit and keen to return to work.

Staff are self-selecting the work that they wish and choose to undertake.

Our field force are PAYE employees and as such are entitled to and protected by statutory benefits such as Holiday Pay, Sick Pay and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Our database of staff is extensive – Only the staff that choose to work are doing so.


Protecting the Vulnerable

Staff who are themselves are at ‘Most Risk’ and ‘Increased Risk’ are all being shielded for a period of 12 weeks in line with government advice.

We have also extended the 12-week shielding to staff with any family member in the household or a carer to those in the at-risk categories.

Staff that display any symptoms or has any family member that displays any symptoms are being shielded for at least the government recommended 14 days and only allowed to return to work after consultation.


PPE & Process

Sanitiser is now available at the entrance to every store.

Staff are instructed to wash their hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds on arrival at each store.

Logobrand is issuing protective gloves to be used and disposed of in each store, with hands to be washed again once they have removed their gloves and before they exit the store.

Store staff are not currently being issued with or wearing masks in store. We have sourced a supply of protective masks and visors that are available to those staff that require them.


Social Distancing

Stores have now implemented systems in store to protect all workers and customers and ensure social distancing.

Throughout the stores, tape has been placed on the floor to ensure that the 2m rule is adhered to.

Our team are being extra vigilant for customers and pickers that require to shop the fixture that they are working on, they must move out of the zone immediately to allow the customer/picker to enter the zone safely.


Equipment, Reporting & Insight

The team have geo-tagged devices that record their time in and out of store and allows them to collect photographic evidence to show what your fixtures are looking like in store, and how they have made a difference for your brands.

Data captured in store transfers to a live web reporting site for you to view photos and results before the rep has even left the store.

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