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Our SafeContractor Accreditation and what it means for your business 

At Logobrand, we aim to stand out from the crowd, which is why we are proud to have been awarded SafeContractor Accreditation two years in a row. This seal of approval signifies that we are dedicated to and value the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone we work with. These are values we hold highly and which demonstrate the quality of the work we do.  

As well as making sure clients are well supported by our team, it is crucial that we care and look after our own employees’ safety when working. With our SafeContractor Accreditation, you know we’re a business serious about reducing risk so you can trust and be confident in us. We display our SafeContractor approval seal proudly, as it demonstrates our commitment to safety and ethical practices.   

What is SafeContractor Accreditation and what does it represent?  

SafeContractor Accreditation means that, as a business, we meet the necessary requirements related to health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management practices.  

To become accredited, a business must meet the necessary requirements, analysed through a detailed audit process. First, a comprehensive detailed questionnaire is completed following which a trained auditor will personally review the businesses risk management processes and decide whether they are adequate for the work activities being carried out. The process is thorough and transparent, meaning your confidence in us and our practices are backed-up by a highly regarded and trusted process in the industry. This is an important part of the journey towards receiving the SafeContractor seal of approval. This step is robust, and required Logobrand to supply all relevant policies, health and safety records and documented ways of working. These were then analysed by the experts at Alcumus to decide whether Logobrand’s systems met the criteria required to gain certification and accreditation. It was no surprise to us that theydid! 

How SafeContractor Accreditation benefits clients 

One of Logobrand’s core values is Integrity: we do the right thing. SafeContractor accreditation is a great example of doing the right thing. Being SafeContractor Accredited brings value to businesses, as it showcases to current and potential clients and employees that the company they are working with makes health, safety, environmental and wellbeing obligations a priority. For many clients, this is important as naturally they want their agency partners to reflect their own values. A client may need to disassociate itself with an organisation that does value health and safety in the workplace.  

‘The accreditation is a visible indicator to our clients and retailers, that we take health and safety seriously’ – Neil Healy, Logobrand Operations Director. 

With this accreditation, you can be confident that our paperwork and processes are up to date and comply with the current legislation.  

We started our SafeContractor Accreditation journey to support our partnership with a client and a DIY retailer. Given the daily health and safety obstacles, with this type of a retailer it was an obvious choice to attain a gold standard level of accreditation to ensure that the health and safety policies we had were robust. SafeContractor Accreditation was therefore a natural step for Logobrand to assure the clients we work with can have full confidence in our own policies and practices.  

How do we implement health, safety, wellbeing and environmental obligations in our daily practice in line with the accreditation? Logobrand is committed to ensuring all employees, office or field based, have the correct policies and practices in place to work safely. We have annual ‘health check-ups’ on any new guidance issued, and we complete risk assessments to determine any further areas for safety improvements. During 2021, we are proud to have recorded zero health and safety incidents during hundreds of store visits completed nationally.  

Why work with Logobrand? 

With SafeContractor Accreditation on our side, we have peace of mind that our business meets the right standards, we are credible, and you can be confident in our processes.   

Health and safety is embedded in our everyday practices. As a client, you can be confident in the work Logobrand does and its compliance with the most up-to-date legislation. If you would like to find out more, let’s start a conversation about how we can support your retail business or brand with the backing of our SafeContractor Accreditation.   

How can our services help you maximise sales in store? 

  • Increasing visibility. With additional sites and visual merchandising, your product sales will soar 
  • Rectifying store and SKU level problems where retailer EPOS data is available 
  • Identifying stores that need support and pinpointing products that are experiencing availability issues, out-of-stocks, and therefore lost sales  
  • Effective merchandising 
  • Regaining share of shelf. We’ll ensure the correct number of facings are presented to keep your consumers engaged and the shelves fully stocked 
  • NPD speed to shelf. We know how important it is to ensure your products are available for shoppers as soon as they arrive in-store 

At Logobrand, we have a dedicated team of field marketing experts ready to help with all your in-store needs, if you’d like to find out how to maximise sales in-store, get in touch with us today.