We have award winning Technology, Written for Us, by Us.

We use Data every step of the way – a 360ᵒ journey

We invest heavily in our own in-house technology team who design, develop and manage all of our systems – and this makes us pretty unique in our industry.  No one size fits all here.  Our systems are all written by us, for us to give us the leading edge and keep our clients one step ahead.  

Real-time visibility, transparency and ultimate efficiency through every function of our business. Streamlined to perfection… Our systems are so good our clients use them globally

Availability Manager™ – Making Data Better

Trading Insights & In-store calibration

Availability Manager™ is our web based real-time in-house data crunching tool, which analyses your retailer EPOS data daily (ranging, stock & sales) along with field-captured data, providing immediate alerts, reports, trend information and insight. Highlighting potential issues before they occur, lost sales, and identifying opportunities to drive availability & sales are just a few examples of its endless functionality. Availability Manager™ will change your life!

  • Promo Providence: For managing promotional performance and compliance
  • Mind the Gap: Identifying distribution points with stock or sales issues affecting availability
  • Zero Tolerance: When less than 100% is not an option such as NPD & Range Review


A highly-evolved platform, realigning and aggregating as it goes. Providing in a click, what would previously have been impossible for an analyst to generate and present. Availability Manager™ is also available as a stand-alone tool used also by suppliers with and without their own field forces.

We would be delighted to give you a demo or conduct a totally free Size of Prize evaluation. Just get in touch today.

Industry Leading Field Team Tools

Say Hello to: LiSA

Our field tools are constantly evolving. Our Apps are designed to create efficient use of time and flow of working in call to maximise output. We have taken insights from field personnel and data analytics to build technology that delivers from the first minute to the last.

Our App syncs in real time with tagged photos ensuring speed from visit to client in minutes.

With new exciting features being added soon; such as map scheduling feeding in real-time traffic updates, priority visits for day/week highlighting importance in a simple manner and instant communications and alerts that are 2 way, creating a ‘One touch’ App solution for field sales.

Many claim to work with real-time sales data. Few actually do. The Logobrand reality is that yesterday’s data drives today’s actions. Where tomorrows sales drive ROI via maintained stock-keeping levels and visibility. It’s that simple.

Each field brief is bespoke to each store and to each ranged item within that store. This creates stock level objectives for the field team to assess, appraise and evaluate. Tablets and iPads allow us to create interactive briefs for the field teams and allow next level presentation opportunities to key in-store contacts. Our technology is universal to work on any platform.

SKUs can be prioritised for support to include NPD or TV-advertised variants, as well as including generic account level activity.

Questionnaires are activity specific to allow you to capture everything you need to know, with end goal in mind, creating a reliable and transparent data set post activity.

In Real-Time Reporting


Reporting intelligent insight and analysis of results which inform and quantify the reality of the activity conducted is what you want to see, no ‘death by PowerPoint’.

LiveDecks™ is our dynamic pulse, measuring live data from different sources before compiling a fully informative report.

Everything is reported in real time, 100% of the time – open, honest, transparent.

Using SKU level EPOS data enables us to calculate ROI in real-time, whilst allowing us to demonstrate the actual value delivered as a direct result of the field teams’ actions by SKU and by intervention type.

With root causes identified from first contact, localised issues are able to be fixed allowing the right solution or intervention to be actioned.  We believe this to be the most comprehensive and robust method of monitoring, as well as being 100% informed by sales.

Our experience tells us what you need to see, but if you need something different, the answer is Yes!

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