Our teams achieve exceptional success with promotional activations, whether walking in the materials or seeking them out in the back. One person or two person jobs. It’s done on time, e.g. where Day 1 really matters, with real time reporting and images to support. A few stores will always refuse, and there will be insightful feedback where this happens.

When it comes to supporting new product launches or range reviews, data improves ROI by a factor or 3x or 4x. Crossing the threshold is expensive and needs to be for a good reason. But given that so many new products fail, or have to be re-launched in the first year, crossing the right thresholds at the right time is invaluable

In the end, at the sharp end, it mostly comes down to the quality of the field team and so we will always focus on employing the right people and paying them a decent rate for the job. But they can only deliver in store. When it comes down to delivering an excellent ROI, that’s down to the planning and execution.