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Recruitment at Logobrand: Why we want the very best to join us – and how we attract them

Recruitment is an integral element of Logobrand’s long-term strategy. We want the very best to join us, the cream of the crop. But we don’t rest on our laurels and merely wait for applicants to contact us through the usual channels – we’re prepared to go that extra step and search out the brightest new talent around. If you’re the talent out there, we want to find you. We want to tell you, face to face, who we are, and help make your choices easier. 

When we say face to face, we mean it. If we want you to get a true feel for who we are at Logobrand, there is no better way than to for us to show you in person. Which is why, towards the end of 2021, we attended the London Job Show at Westfield. 

What is the London Job Show? 

As part of a ground-breaking series of events and featuring some of the most prestigious companies in the region, the London Job Show at Westfield supports growth, training opportunities and internships, creating a focus for current jobs and careers in and around the Greater London area. As well as the natural footfall, which this year saw more than 100,000 people attend the event over two days, the event is supported by a range of marketing in the London area to promote exhibitors’ brands, including sponsorship from print publications, the distribution of 100,000 free newspapers across the Greater London area, and a targeted social media campaign. 

Why did Logobrand choose to attend the London Job Show? 

We are always keen to increase awareness Logobrand, so being represented at the UK’s most-attended recruitment event – for the first time – was an easy decision to make. We’re also looking to cast our net further, to recruit enthusiastic and experienced customer service and retail reps in the Greater London area so, again, it was a very simple choice. 

And it did not disappoint. The opportunity to have a real presence at such a large, respected event was an amazing experience. Not only could we introduce ourselves to attendees, giving them the chance to properly learn who we are and ask us the questions they wanted answering, but we were also able to meet potential candidates face to face. 

It was a fantastic experience, too. Meeting people in person, rather than recruiting over the phone or via Zoom, is so much more tangible. Putting a name to a face can be worth its weight in gold, not only for the recruiting company, but for the candidate too. 

What else did we get out of attending the event? 

We came away not only having had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days, and successfully promoting Logobrand as a business, but with a significant number of applications, too. To be precise, we received more than 160 new approaches from candidates who are eager to be part of the Logobrand team. 

Add to that the number of interactions and engagements with other businesses, and it was an over-whelming success. 

Operations Manager, Rachael Roberts, was part of the team that attended both days in London. 

Rachael said: “Representing Logobrand at the Job Show was a very positive experience. As we’re based in Nottingham but do recruit nationally, it’s vital to get the recruitment team out on the road. 

“It’s a much more personable experience, for both us and the applicant. It also pushes Logobrand as a business out in the recruitment world. 

“Our competitors have been doing it for years and, this year, it was great to finally be a part of it.” 

How recruitment at Logobrand is continuing to thrive 

As an award-winning field marketing agency, Logobrand delivers best-in-class results for all our clients. We have a very high retention rate of staff, with some of our field and office team having been with us for more than 10 years. 

Our in-store team has grown by more than 200 active members in the last 18 months. This includes more than 50 fixed term contract members of staff, on both full and part-time contracts. 

We have hundreds of active team members weekly, and hope to double this in the next two years to support our projected business growth. 

What’s it like working for Logobrand? 

There are many reasons and benefits to working for Logobrand. Here are just a few: 

  • We are the Field Marketing Agency of the Year 2020/21 – that means we’re the best field marketing agency out there right now 
  • We offer competitive salaries 
  • Flexible hours are important to you, so they’re important to us 
  • Our enviable pension scheme 
  • Our fabulous team will support you every step of the way 

However, we feel the best way to answer why is to leave it to the people who already work here. Watch what some of them have to say right here 

Like what you see and want to join our award-winning team? 

We regularly update our website with our latest vacancies. Why not pop over there now to see if there’s anything that grabs you? You could be just a few clicks away from becoming the newest addition to our already amazing team here at Logobrand.

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