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Discounter and value channels have boomed during the pandemic: How brands can maximise sales 

Discounter and value channels have successfully carved out a niche in the retail industry, growing exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic, suggests new research from IGD. As some shops have seen declining sales and store closures, discounter shops that were identified as ‘essential’ during lockdown have been thriving. Keep reading to find out why 2020 was a success story for discounter channels and how brands can maximise sales by targeting money-savvy shoppers.  IGD’s research predicted that discounter stores will be worth a staggering £12.6billion by 2022, up from £11.1billion in 2020. Home Bargains, B&M, Poundland and Wilko were some of the discounters found to have profited...

From shelf to checkout: How to maximise sales with point of purchase marketing

Want to know the secret to making your products fly off the shelves? We’re here to tell you that the answer lies in your point of purchase marketing.   Once customers are already in the store, the next challenge is getting them to interact with your product. It doesn’t stop there. Customers need the incentive to make a purchase, which requires key messaging between the brand and the consumer.   When point of purchase marketing is executed correctly, you will soon see your products moving swiftly off shelves and into customers’ hands. Firstly, let’s dive deeper into what point of...

How brands can drive sales and deliver excellent retail merchandising execution in 2021

As we enter the new year, most brands want to know how to refresh their retail execution strategy to drive sales. The indulgent festive season is over. And the surge of in-store sales has gone with it. For brands, this can bring on a strong case of the January blues. So, what’s the solution? With the right merchandising strategy, you can win consumer attention at point of purchase, drive sales and improve brand loyalty.  The coronavirus pandemic has impacted life as we know it. While there is hope on the horizon for combating the virus, it's likely that things...

4 ways the coronavirus pandemic has reshaped retail

Impacts on customer experience, promotions and shopping behaviour  The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed our daily lives. So, it’s not surprising that the way we shop has changed too. This has completely reshaped the retail industry. New shopping trends have emerged that have impacted customer experience, promotions and shopping behaviour. Consumers have responded to the ‘new normal’ and it’s likely that these changes are here to stay as the disruption continues into 2021.   To help you navigate the complexities of the ever-changing retail landscape, we have analysed recent data from various credible sources, including Kantar and Censuswide, about the impacts of the pandemic on retail. Our field...