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Two weeks into lockdown, here’s what we’ve learned so far

We are now into our second full week of social distancing, which means the whole Logobrand HQ team are now able to work from home. Here’s what we’ve learned so far!

Know your goals

Our goals as a company are reflected in our core values, and, during this difficult time especially, our priorities are simple: taking care of our staff, taking care of our clients, and taking care of Logobrand. Having a team of field merchandising representatives to communicate with regularly and field merchandising to do in FMCG retailers up and down the country means that keeping lines of communication open as usual is completely essential. This is something we’ve become much better at in this short space of time – thank goodness we live in an age where video conferencing technology is simple and accessible!

Flexibility is key

Logobrand has always been a company proud to be able to move with the times, so we’ve always gone out of our way to offer flexi-time and remote working for those emergencies when it’s really needed. It’s now two weeks since we made the decision that our office team should begin to make the steps towards ‘working from home’, and a lot has changed and developed in that time, not just for our business, but for the country. At a time of countrywide, and, indeed, worldwide change, we have learned that flexibility and adaptability are key in order to keep achieving our goals.

Look after yourself

It’s all too easy to fall into a habit of work-work-working and being glued to the computer, especially when there are so many tasks jostling for position at the top of your priorities list. But, obviously, that’s not good for the mind or the body! So, as you’ll read in one of our most recent blogs, we’re encouraging exercise and wellbeing for all our team members in the form of anything from lunchtime walks to full on cross country runs.

Keep smiling

This is definitely something that’s never been an issue for our team, but it’s important now more than ever to get together as a team –remotely of course – and let off steam. That’s why we’re taking a little bit of time out of the day to have a natter with each other; sharing those funny moments you only get when working from home in daily video calls that are purely for fun, and regularly posting in our non-work-related Slack channel.

We’re sure a lot will change over the coming days and weeks as the situation unfolds, but we’re happy to be able to share what we’ve learned so far. Here’s to a hopefully positive and productive next couple of weeks.