If you are a coffee lover, you know that there is nothing like a delicious cup of joe to start your day, energize your afternoon, or relax your evening. But with so many different types of coffee available, how do you choose the best one for your mood and taste buds? 

That’s why we decided to do a taste test of three new products from JDE, one of the world’s leading coffee companies and valued Logobrand client. We tried L’Or Vanilla pods, Tassimo Chocolate Orange pods, and Kenco Gold Indulgence instant coffee, and here are our honest opinions. 

The team also discussed the ways in which Logobrand supports JDE with their new product launches, as well as how our field colleagues operate to ensure maximum visibility and availability. 

The Taste Test  

L’Or Vanilla pods: These are compatible with Nespresso machines, and they offer a smooth and creamy espresso with a subtle hint of vanilla. The aroma is enticing, and the flavour is balanced and rich. We loved the sweetness of the vanilla, which was well balanced. This is a fantastic choice for those who like a little twist on their classic espresso. 

Tassimo Chocolate Orange pods: These are compatible with Tassimo machines, and they produce a hot chocolate drink with a surprisingly zesty orange flavour. The chocolate is thick and creamy, and the orange is tangy and refreshing. We enjoyed the contrast between the two flavours, which was redolent of a confectionery experience. This is a perfect choice for those who want an indulgent treat. 

Kenco Gold Indulgence instant coffee: This is a premium instant coffee that claims to have a smooth and full-bodied taste. The coffee is easy to prepare, and it has a golden crema on top. The flavour is mild and pleasant, but not as distinctive as the machine-produced coffee. This is a decent, good-value option for those who prefer a simple and convenient coffee, but don’t have a Tassimo or Nespresso machine. It was up against two amazing alternatives on the day! 

The team had a lot of fun trying these new products from JDE, and we hope you will too. Stay tuned for more coffee reviews from us.  

Cheers! ☕