What We Do At Logobrand

Maximising your potential to sell more.

We are experts in helping you to drive sales at point of purchase and reach your sales potential. Our aim at all times is to deliver 100% of your objectives and make you look like a superstar!

At Logobrand we tailor field sales campaigns to your specific needs. No two clients are the same, one size fits all actually fits no one! Our proactive account management team takes the lead and guides you in shaping efficient value driving support strategies, achieving end goal excellence and delivering maximum impact. From weekly strategic calls, to one off tactical campaigns, you will always receive our award winning gold standard of service.

Understanding and defining ‘what excellence looks like’ is key to all of our activity. Using our Availability Manager system, we complete a whole host of number crunching behind the scenes, analysing your store data, in real time where it exists, to build up a complete picture of your trading position, establishing where the issues are and opportunities that exist. This ensures that we spend your budget efficiently by focusing resource where we know we can have the greatest impact and deliver a positive ROI for you.

Our 360° Service

Our 360 degree commercial process also means that we analyse results using real time EPOS data to demonstrate the delivered ROI as well as providing key learnings, actionable insight, and recommendations for future sales driving activity.


Our Basket

We are proud to have over a third of Britain’s best loved brands in our basket and we’d love to add your brand to our shopping list!

We are proud to win awards together. Logobrand has the best Entry to Win ratio of any Field Marketing Agency in the industry at the FMBE awards.

To join these best loved brands in our basket, get in touch with one of our Field Marketing experts.

Award Winning.

18 years of the best win to entry ratio,
here are some of our most recent wins
2022 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards
  • GOLD – Most Effective Tactical Campaign (ROI Led) (Moët Hennessy)
  • GOLD – Sustainable Client Relationship (Britvic)
  • SILVER – Most Effective Tactical Campaign (Service Led) (Haribo)
  • SILVER – Most Effective Stand or Display Unit (Haribo)
  • SILVER – Professional Agency Management
  • BRONZE – Field Marketing Agency of the Year
  • BRONZE – Field Data Award (Moët Hennessy)
  • BRONZE – Campaign of the Year (Moët Hennessy)
  • BRONZE – Most Effective Stand or Display Unit (Britvic)
  • BRONZE – Operational Success of the Year (Farrow & Ball)
2021 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards
  • GOLD – Tactical Campaign – Service Led (Henkel)
  • GOLD – Special Award – Event Day (Jacobs Douwe Egberts)
  • SILVER – Tactical Campaign – ROI Led (Moët Hennessey)
  • BRONZE – Most Successful Virtual or Hybrid Event or Activity (Jacobs Douwe Egberts)
  • BRONZE – Operational Success (Henkel)
  • BRONZE – Field Data Award (Campari)
  • BRONZE – Field Marketing Agency of the Year
2020 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards
  • GOLD – Field Marketing Agency of the Year
  • GOLD – Field Data Award (Britvic)
  • GOLD – Tactical Campaign – ROI Led (Britvic)
  • SILVER – Connectivity (Henkel)
  • SILVER – Virtual Events and Demos (Henkel)
  • BRONZE – Instore Marketing (Haribo)
  • BRONZE – Tactical Campaign – ROI Led (Haribo)
2019 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards
  • GOLD – Most Effective Tactical Campaign (ROI Led) – Hain Daniels
  • SILVER – Field Marketing Agency of the Year
  • SILVER – Field Data Award – Hain Daniels
  • BRONZE – Most Effective Instore Marketing – Haribo
  • One of the great pleasures in hosting the Field Marketing awards through 13 years has been the insight into top performing agencies whilst chairing our client judged sessions.

    A Logobrand entry is always a special one, the proverbial shoo-in for the shortlist. Whoever judges (and they are typicaly very senior) the result is always the same, impressed by the content, the work that was undertaken, the clarity of the vision, the innovation and, of course, the results. Logobrand has always been a force for dynamic store availability and detailed accountability, and unsurprisingly wins at FMBE Awards with a success strike rate few can aspire to.

    Underpinning the data driven store resullts are a management and field team that are always enthusiastic to take their work forwards whilst being joyful and supportive at all points of contact

    Frank Wainwright - FMBE Awards Director
  • Love this report and the attention to detail from Logobrand (not always the case when we’ve sent merchandisers into stores before)


    Best-in class report attached shared internally


    Going forward let’s liaise as closely as possible when sending merchandisers into our top accounts for implementation, as there are often plenty of efficiencies by adding checks on both brands at the same time.

    L’Oréal Paris - Brand Business Director
  • Pt 1: I’ve been responsible for Britvic’s grocery field sales strategy for 10 years …  we have significantly improved the point-of-purchase execution of our brands. Importantly, in a very cost-effective way by utilising the strengths of different field agencies. The biggest bugbear I had is that each company uses its own systems… The vision was a single system that stored and processed data captured by all our field teams along with the daily EPOS feed from retailers. Phase 1 was the web portal… it very quickly became the go-to place.

    Britvic - Category Strategy Manager
  • Pt 2: Britvic Instore (Project Ted output portal) is so much easier to use than the retailers’ own systems. Phase 2 was Britvic’s Instore field app… this has been extremely well received by both teams… (it) is simple and intuitive with minimal training required… From a Britvic perspective we now have just one place to go to see everything. This is a truly transformational tool for Britvic. We are already seeing better compliance, additional feature and display space and improved job satisfaction amongst our teams. Reporting and insights being shared with Britvic HO has enabled us to make better and more timely decisions. This has been crucial for us in a year which saw the introduction of a sugar levy and CO2 supply issues throughout the hottest summer for decades.

    Britvic - Category Strategy Manager

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