An experienced store operator, dedicated to ensuring our clients’ products have the right amount of shelf space and visibility.

A keen negotiator who drives sales growth for brands by negotiating additional displays and placing or increasing orders.

A brand advocate who maintains strong relationships with store personnel and keeps them in the know about upcoming new product launches and promotions.

A seasoned merchandiser who can walk POS into the store and expertly activate promotions for maximum impact.

This is not just any field team. This is a Logobrand field team. Directed and supported by the most advanced field technologies available today. Visiting stores where there are problems or opportunities, all key information at their fingertips, carrying out in-depth audits in seconds, guided by our custom apps, and speaking to all levels of store personnel with warmth and authority.

Tactical or Permanent teams

If you’re looking for a traditional approach, we’ll give you a dedicated, highly trained, results-orientated permanent field team – with a few modern twists to elevate their performance and your outcomes.

We intelligently visit stores where the value is highest, so you’ll see the greatest returns and noticeable changes to your in-store KPIs.

Our cutting-edge technology, including our new mobile app that runs on your phone, ensures you can stay fully connected with your team and track each visit in real time. Whether you want to see images of your competitor products in store, or review visit notes, it’s all in the palm of your hand.

Complete flexibility

If you don’t need a full-time field marketing team but do need agility in line with seasonal demands, our flexible field operations solution can be scaled up and down as needed.

Our experts, your brand

Every one of our field team members is remunerated on a PAYE basis and receives paid holiday - they are not ‘gig workers’. Whether you meet them at a training session or a briefing conference, we’re confident that you’ll be amazed by the depth of their knowledge, their passion for your brand and their prior retail experience (many are former store managers).